Welcome to the club!

For our Healthy Living. For our Community Growth.

Welcome to the “Carnes Crossroads Wellness Club” ! The club will be launched on May 1st, 2018. We are planning to have fitness sessions and Health/Wellness Events in Carnes Crossroads in the future.

My name is Ryoko Abbott. I am voluntary being in charge for this program. (Call me “Rio” for easy pronunciation.)

As many of you know, I’ve been teaching Zumba® Toning at the Barn, and Aqua Zumba® at the pool in Carnes Crossroads for 2 years. Meantime, we moved in Carnes Crossroads and I’ve taught different type of Group Exercise classes at local gyms, community center, militarily base and law-enforcement training center. From class to class, I was driving around then just thought “Why don’t I serve for my community? Why don’t I bring more benefits to my neighbors?” —— That moment was the beginning of the Carnes Crossroads Wellness Club.

Joining the club is FREE.

You will pay only when you are taking classes for 6 weeks sessions (SEASONs). No contract. Drop-ins are welcome. Please join the class/session Any time you want.

All classes will be held outdoor (at the Barn), so we may have to cancel class sometimes, we have no A/C, no childcare (for now) but your favorite shower room is right there! Class will be held in early morning and late evening so you don’t have to waste time to drive.

About the classes;  The class time may change with sunrise/sunset time and outside temperature. All classes meet at the Barn or pool. Future class schedule will be released for every single SEASON which is 6 weeks straight sessions. This program is designed to see your fitness goals/achievements every short time of SEASONs, also, class time and contents are able to be somewhat flexible with the class participants’ suggestions/requests. We make this club better together!

The SEASON schedule of 2018-2019


There are AM session, PM session. You can join just 1 program. (like only Yoga, or only Boot Camp for 30 minutes.)

The Sampler SEASON (Free);    May 1-11, 2018


Additional information; Morning Aqua Zumba® (Tuesday & Thursday 9:00am as last 2 years) and Arthritic Water Exercise class (Friday 11:00am) will be added in late May. (It depends on the weather. I will announce on this blog and on facebook group. Please follow the information!)


Class Descriprion

The SEASON (6weeks) Class/Session Fee

SEASON PASS (Non-refundable, valid for 6 weeks in the SEASON) for $25 per person
6 Classes Punch Card (Valid through May 2018 to April 2019) for $25
Drop-in $5per person, per session (e.g. only Boot Camp, or Boot Camp+Yoga as 1 session)

• Silver Sneakers® are FREE (Bring your membership card every time.)

About Silver Sneakers® Program > silversneakers.com

Looking forward to see you in the classes!! 

If you have any questions about CCWC, please contact here!

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