Our 2nd Season.. “SUMMER SEASON” is starting on Monday, July 9th, 2018.

This 6 weeks of the Season will give you more energy, stamina, strength and flexibility.

We just got some new equipments to protect your knees and back (Yes! Floor mat!) and to enhance your strength (Yes! Added some weights too!).

Plus! We have brand new Fitness Station in the neighborhood. Our evening Boot Camp (60 minutes) class is going there if the weather permits. Yes, more running and dynamic exercise! Click below for more information. (PDF)

Carnes Crossroads Wellness Club information (Season, Price, Class Description)

CCWC 2018 Summer Season (7/9 – 8/17, 6 weeks) Calendar

CCWC 2018 POOL SCHEDULE (as of 7/9)

Only you can keep your health, only you can change your life… Let’s do this!

Make your Summer happier!!

I am more than happy to help. Looking forward to see you soon!


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