End of Summer Season! (Aug. 27 – Oct. 5)

The next 6 weeks… from Monday, August 27th to Friday, October 5th are “End of Summer SEASON”! It’s going to be much cooler in the morning. We will continue our pool class as long as possible while the weather parmits.

The new schedule is here. We have some new program and free sessions. Check it out!! Click links to look our club information and the new calendar.


CCWC End of Summer Season Calendar


So, how was your last 14 weeks with CCWC? Please let us know your thoughts from our quick Survey page.

Here is some numbers from last 3 SEASONs. 2 weeks of “Sampler Season”, 6 weeks of “Early Summer Season” and 6 weeks of “Summer Season”. Take a look to know more about CCWC. Thank you so much for all of your support!

CCWC Interim Report

Looking forward to see you all in the NEW SEASON!!

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