Spring Season has come!

Hi everyone,

After the long Winter time, Carnes Crossroads Wellness Club Spring Season 2019 is finally starting on March 12th!

Schedule is here.  PDF >>> CCWC 2019 SPRING Season CalendarCCWC Spring 2019

Tuesday morning Zumba® Toning (Low impact cardio with upper body toning with toning sticks),  Thursday morning Conditioning (Circuit or Interval Whole Body Training) + Yoga, Tuesday evening CCX Boot Camp (cardio, lower & upper body strength and core workout) are good for All Levels. Thursday evening STRONG by Zumba® is advanced High Intensity Interval Training. All classes will be held at the Barn. Everybody (non-resident too) is welcome.

The class can be canceled for weather and the condition… please check on our facebook page for the last minute announcement. Looking forward to see you in the class! 🙂

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