CCWC is back!

We are excited to resume CCWC activities from March 22, 2021. After 2019 Fall Season, We were into Holidays and then I delivered a baby in the beginning of 2020… then, our quarantine life started…

During Spring – Summer 2020, I was providing virtual classes such as Senior Exercise, Zumba® and Gentle Yoga from my back porch. (Thank y’all for joining btw. It was fun time!!)

And now, we are resuming “socially distanced” in-person classes! Please check this SPRING SEASON Calendar below!

Also, our yearly schedule looks like this. However, it can be changed due to the weather or the facility condition, the other events etc. This is still tentative.

Please join our facebook group page to check the updates.

Those land (at the Green Barn or parks, trails in Carnes) sessions are open to public. Pool will remain as residents only. Let’s get healthier lifestyle with your favorite neighbors and friends!

I SO look forward to see y’all!!

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